Our mission is to lead the industry for companies outsourcing their Medical Science Liaison or Clinical Trial Liaison development programs by demonstrating the value our teams create for both internal and external stakeholders.

By providing cutting-edge, creative medical education platforms, along with experience-based MSL training programs, we equip our MSL teams with the tools needed to ensure their success.

When it comes to forming MSL teams, we have a long history and strong track record, consulting for Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries.

We relish the opportunity to take on the challenges of hiring, training, and deploying contract-based MSL and CTL teams across the globe.

Give us a call, and let us do the work for you!

MSL Coaching

MSL Interview Prep/Coaching

Present your BEST self with BESTMSLs Coaching

Expert field medical coaches provide personalized coaching to help you land your perfect MSL/CTL role

Whether there’s an immediate need to ace your upcoming interview, prepare for an important panel presentation, or you just want to stand out from your peers, we’re here to coach you through the process!

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With you every step of the way

Phase II
Phase III

Welcome to

Medical Affairs Island

Love Zoom? Of course not!
Think live meetings are expensive? Us too!

Welcome to Medical Affairs Island, a 3D, avatar-based, pharma-compliant virtual world platform where you can bring together internal teams or external stakeholders for training, conferences, and more in a private virtual meeting campus.

Save time and money, enhance learning, and provide the best virtual meeting experience!

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How We Can Support You

Everything you need to deploy your team

We are known for our innovation. We didn't make our name in the business by being ordinary. We don't just hire, train, and deploy contract-based MSL teams, we also equip them with the tools to ensure their success.

Turnkey Medical Science Liaison Programs
Our contract MSLs may serve as the first team to represent your company in the field, or may be a group to supplement an existing team.
Contract & Contingent MSL Recruiting
Whether you’re looking to fill a vacancy or recruit a new team internally, we can help you with that.
Medical Affairs Leadership Placement
Looking for your next medical affairs leader? Yes, we do that too. From Vice Presidents, Medical Directors, MSL Leaders and others who support medical affairs.
Compliant On-Demand MSL Video Engagements
PeerNOW! provides a refreshing mobile video communications environment that facilitates compliant remote video conversations between HCPs and MSLs.
“Best In Class” MSL Training
We approach Medical Science Liaison training with creative techniques to make training more interactive, social, and fun while maintaining scientific rigor.
Evidence Based Evaluation and MSL Upskilling
Take your MSLs from “better” to “best” using our AI-enhanced baseline evaluation plus in-field observations and knowledge transfer studies.
Innovative MSL Technology Platforms
BESTMSLs is uniquely positioned as an industry leader in the world of MSLs and a proven innovator of technology-based solutions in medical education and medical affairs.
Clinical Trial Support
CTLs can be a driving force to ensure sites are enrolling patients in key clinical trials.

Our Clients

Bristol Myers Squibb
Galera Therapeutics, Inc
Karl Storz

“I have worked with David at three pharmaceutical companies, and I have been pleased in all three cases. David's team really takes care of everything and allows the MSLs to focus on getting in front of customers and doing what we're supposed to be doing.”

Jeff Wojtowicz
Jeff Wojtowicz
VP of Global Medical Affairs Research & Strategies at Takeda Pharmaceuticals