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BESTMSLs is uniquely positioned as an industry leader in the world of MSLs and a proven innovator of technology-based solutions in medical education and medical affairs. We understand how MSLs communicate with internal and external stakeholders. Our passion is to empower them with tools to facilitate engaging and compliant scientific exchange.

Medical Affairs Island

Immersive virtual world training and meeting environment

The BESTMSLs Medical Affairs Island platform provides an immersive three-dimensional virtual environment where colleagues, from locations around the world, can engage in real- time conversation, collaborate, and participate in a wide variety of meeting sessions and events.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Programs

MSL training and communication tools delivered via augmented reality (AR) experiences

AR technology can create a virtual experience where users can view, interact and manipulate digital information in a real-world setting. This ability can be leveraged in Medical Affairs to improve medical education, disease awareness, and patient engagement.

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Real-time, compliant two-way remote video chat for remote engagement between MSLs and HCPs

PeerNOW!, from BESTMSLs, provides a refreshing mobile video communications environment that facilitates compliant remote video conversations between HCPs and MSLs.

The platform serves as the “universal access point” for HCPs to engage with your MSLs whenever or wherever a medical or scientific inquiry arises.

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