The universal access point for HCPs to engage with MSLs from BESTMSLs

PeerNOW! is a compliant two-way video platform that empowers MSLs to provide real-time medical responses to HCPs with no software to install. Deploy it in your organization within 24 hours!

PeerNOW!, from BESTMSLs, provides a refreshing mobile video communications environment that facilitates compliant remote video conversations between HCPs and MSLs.

The platform serves as the “universal access point” for HCPs to engage with your MSLs whenever or wherever a medical or scientific inquiry arises.

HCPs connect with MSLs...

  • From their home or office
  • At your medical congress booth
  • Warm transfer from sales representative
  • Scehduled follow-up with MSL

PeerNOW! extends the reach of traditionally staffed MSL teams by providing MSLs with a compliant video communications channel to supplement in-person interactions. PeerNOW! can also serve as the primary communications platform for digital-first MSL teams. BESTMSLs built the PeerNOW! platform from the ground up with the needs of medical affairs in mind, providing a focused set of features and assurances surrounding compliance requirements.

PeerNOW! can be deployed within your organization in as little as 24 hours.

PeerNow! iPad app

PeerNOW! Platform Key Features

  • Fast & Easy Deployment

    Get your team up & running with compliant, easy-to-use real-time video interactions in as little as 24 hours.

  • Real-Time Video Conversations

    MSLs participate in secure, encrypted, and compliant real-time video conversations with HCPs using the latest multimedia and mobile technology.

  • Content/Screen Sharing

    MSLs are able to present approved slides, documents, or web pages during the PeerNOW! video call.

  • Virtual MSL Congress Presence

    HCPs can connect with MSLs from your booth – even at conferences you haven’t staffed with in-person MSLs. HCPs can scan a QR code using their own device or use a company-owned iPad stationed at the booth to initiate a PeerNOW! call to an MSL.

  • Scheduled Follow-Up with MSLs

    HCPs who submit a medical information request or reach out to their local MSL directly can schedule a future PeerNOW! call at a time that works for them. The HCP simply clicks on a unique link at the scheduled meeting time in order to be connected directly to the MSL.

  • “Warm Transfer” from Representatives

    When field-based commercial personnel are faced with an unsolicited question or request that requires a response from an MSL (whether during an in person or remote interaction), the inquiry can be addressed “on the spot” with a warm transfer to a web- based video interaction with an available MSL.

PeerNow! QR code
PeerNOW! Screen Shot

Do you need a more customized solution?

Contact us to discuss the custom integrations and workflows we can create to meet the specific needs of your team. This may include customized compliance prompts, capture of Med Info Request Forms, single sign-on capability, enhanced CRM integrations, access to our native iPad app, and more.

PeerNow! Custom Solutions

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