Augmented Reality

Medical Affairs for the Modern World

Augmented Reality (AR) has enormous potential in Medical Affairs as it can help physicians, patients, and other stakeholders to better understand medical concepts and treatments in a more immersive and interactive way. AR technology can create a virtual experience where users can view, interact and manipulate digital information in a real-world setting. This ability can be leveraged in Medical Affairs to improve medical education, disease awareness, and patient engagement.

Our tailor-made Augmented Reality (AR) experiences can be used to tell the unique story of the therapeutic mechanism of action (MOA), deliver relevant clinical data in a memorable way, bring print pieces ”to life,” or present patient case material in a never-before-seen way!

PostAR (AR Enhanced Scientific Posters)

Our augmented reality enhanced scientific posters aka "PostARs" take a popular information delivery tool, the poster presentation, and bring this data to life in a way that amazes! The author, investigator, or other scientific expert, appears virtually alongside the poster (seen through a smartphone or tablet camera) to deliver a peer-to-peer presentation of the information and respond to FAQs.

  • Dynamic AR brings data to life.
  • Expert-guided presentations enhance understanding.
  • Virtual Q&A addresses common concerns.

AR Patient Case Cards:

Patient cases have always been a vital way in which HCPs learn from each other. We can now turn these intimate discussions into exciting educational experiences via AR-enabled patient case cards. Each card “comes to life” (seen through a smartphone or tablet camera) with a case presentation delivered by the patient/HCP/expert pictured on the card. The case series can feature one or more patients or treatment scenarios, featuring interactive touchpoints throughout the case’s evaluation, diagnosis and treatment discussions.

  • Immersive AR enhances patient case learning.
  • Interactive touchpoints foster deeper understanding.
  • Real-life scenarios improve decision-making skills.

Augmented Reality MOA Cards:

The Doctor’s Channel AR tactics can provide a novel and compliant augmented reality layer on top of existing print material. Why not convert your Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos into an interactive AR postcard for HCPs providing an immersive and memorable experience. HCPs can scan the MOA card to access the video in 3D, providing a deeper understanding of your product, while our advanced analytics track engagement, optimizing future campaigns and showcasing your brand's digital innovation.

  • Immersive MOA visualization captures HCP attention.
  • Interactive experience increases information retention.
  • Memorable format enhances brand differentiation.

AR Based Training:

We can develop custom Augmented Reality (AR) training programs for your sales reps and internal teams, transforming complex product information into engaging, interactive content. By immersing trainees in a dynamic 3D learning environment, AR can enhance memory, recall, and understanding of your brand's products, empowering your team to deliver more effective presentations and confidently address HCPs' questions, ultimately driving launch success.

  • Engaging learning boosts sales reps' expertise.
  • Interactive content enhances memory and recall.
  • Personalized training increases product understanding.

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