Contract MSLs

We recommend creative techniques to make training more interactive, social, and fun while still being educational. After all, we know people are more engaged when training is fun and interactive. People learn by seeing, hearing and doing, so the fact that we have our own in-house video production studio opens up a world of possibility for creative online training pieces that can be created quickly and efficiently.

We can provide basic MSL training to get the team field ready as well as advanced, interactive, outcomes-based education.

Scientific Skills

  • Product and Disease State Information
  • Drug Development Process
  • Critically Reviewing the Literature
  • Journal Club 360

Communication Skills

  • The Sticky Message Workshop
  • Speaker Skills
  • A Moderator’s Story
  • Active Listening
  • Negotiating
  • Hosting an Online Meeting
  • Conducting the First KOL Meeting
  • On the Road Again
  • IT Training

Strategic Partnering

  • Demonstrating Value to KOLs
  • Generating KOL Colleague Referrals
  • Maximizing Informed Clinical Decision Making
  • Compliant MSL Activity